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Sensual Ultimate Luxury Gift Set & Waterless Diffuser

Sensual Ultimate Luxury Gift Set & Waterless Diffuser

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Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our Sensual Ultimate Gift Set & Waterless Diffuser, curated to enhance every aspect of your relaxation and sensory experience.

This exquisite set includes:

Essential Oil Blend: Crafted from the finest botanicals, this blend captivates with its alluring fragrance, promoting relaxation and intimacy.

Body & Bath Massage Oil: Packed full of healthy oils, this oil is ideal for nourishing your skin and adding a calming scent to your bath routine.

Room Spray- Transform any space into a sanctuary of tranquillity with a few spritzes of our luxurious room spray, imbued with the sensual scent of essential oils.

Sleep Pillow Spray- Drift off into a serene slumber with our calming pillow spray, designed to promote restful sleep and relaxation.

Paired with our innovative Waterless Diffuser, this set ensures a continuous release of the enchanting fragrance throughout your home, without the need for water or electricity.

Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate in relaxation and sensory delight with our Sensual Ultimate Gift Set & Waterless Diffuser.


Our Aromatherapy Ultimate Gift Set is the perfect gift for someone just starting out aromatherapy. The Set Includes x7 Essential Oil based products packed in a luxury gift box.

Whats's Inlcuded

  • 200ml Bath Oil
  • 120ml Massage Oil
  • 100ml Room Spray
  • 50ml Pillow Mist
  • 10ml Roller Ball
  • 10ml Essential Oil Blend
  • Luxury Gift Box with Handle


For 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend use on the waterless diffuser: Decant into empty 10/15/20ml bottles before use.

- For 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend use on water based diffusers: add 6-8 drops per 100ml of water.

- For Bath, Roller Balls and Massage Oils use 1 cap full/2-3 sprays/roll on all parts of body except sensitive body parts before/after Shower or Bath.

- For Room Spray - Spray 3-4 times in the desired area.

- For pillow Mist - Spray 2-3 times on pillow Before lying down.

For further instructions please follow guidelines provided on back of bottle.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as eyes.
  • Do not apply undiluted to the skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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