Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Healthy Lifestyle

Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Healthy Lifestyle

As parents, we want the best for our kids. Getting them involved in our healthy lifestyle is a great way to do that! Participating in activities together is a fun way to spend time as a family while focusing on a healthy mentality. There are plenty of activities that both parents and kids can enjoy; you just need to find something that works for your family.


Not only does spending time as a family create lasting memories, but it also sets an excellent example for your kids. If they see their parents prioritising wellness, they're more likely to do the same. Plus, as we all know, leading a healthy lifestyle has countless benefits, including protecting our wellbeing and mental health.

Be a Role Model

Children learn best by example. If you want to include your kids in your healthy lifestyle, chances are you already have a solid foundation they will be happy to follow! Keep up the good work, and let your kids see you making your wellbeing a priority.


The most important thing for introducing children to any wellness activity is to make it enjoyable, interactive and to avoid any pressure. Be sure to get involved in any activity, and let your kids see that you're doing it because you enjoy it too.

Introduce Your Kids to Your Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is a vital part of living a wellbeing-focused lifestyle. While getting kids to eat their veggies can be difficult, there are ways to make it fun! One way to do this is by involving them in the cooking process. Let them help you wash and chop the vegetables, or let them pick out their favourite fruits and veggies at the store.


You can also involve children in meal planning. Ask your kids what they'd like to eat for dinner or what their favourite healthy foods are. Not only does this get them interested in eating healthy and make shopping for food fun, but it also teaches them about making good meal choices.


Another way to get your kids involved in your healthy lifestyle via food is by teaching them about the importance of nutrition. Show them how the food we eat affects our bodies and help them understand why it's important to fuel our bodies with nourishing foods. You can even turn learning about nutrition into a game! There are plenty of online resources and even apps that make learning about nutrition exciting.

Get Active as a Family

If you love getting physical and being active, there's no doubt you'll want to get your kids involved too. Before doing this, consider whether your child can join in the activities you enjoy. Older children might find it exciting to go to the gym with their parents, but others might prefer a more gentle activity.


It's essential to find an activity that works for your child, as this will make it more likely that they'll stick with it. Get the kids involved and let them choose an activity that they want to try. It could be anything from going for a family hike, splashing about at the pool, or playing tag in the park.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting active as a family. You never know; introducing a new venture might help your child find a new hobby in the process! The important thing is that you make it fun and find something that everyone enjoys.

Make Wellness a Priority

One of the best things you can do is to make wellness a priority in your family. Focusing on mental health and wellbeing means taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. When you make healthy habits a part of your daily routine, your kids will see it as normal and something important for you all.


You can make time for mental wellness as a family by meditating, journaling, or doing something calming like reading together before bed. Simply spending time together can also be very grounding and amazing for everyone's wellbeing. You could also try incorporating aromatherapy and essential oils into your family's routine. Kids love using essential oils too, so this is a great way to get them involved in your healthy lifestyle.

Points to Consider

We want to ensure that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves, so here are a few key points to keep in mind before you start including your children in your healthy lifestyle choices:


  • Talk to your children! Deciding what activities you want to try should be a family affair, so involve your kids in the decision-making process.
  • Choose activities that are suitable for their age and stage. Not all healthy lifestyle choices will be suitable for every child, so make sure you make the right choices for your kid.
  • Ensure they are comfortable. If your child doesn't feel comfortable doing something, they will not want to continue with it. You can help by making your children feel in control and that their opinions matter.
  • Have fun and enjoy every moment!
  • Once you start, make sure you stick with it. Healthy lifestyles are all about consistency, so if you want to make wellness a part of your family's life, you must be committed to it.

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to get your kids involved in your healthy lifestyle. It's all about finding what works for you and your family and also making mental health a priority. When you do this, you'll not only be teaching your kids about the importance of taking care of their wellbeing, but you'll be building lasting bonds and memories together!


If you're interested in simple ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for your children, as mentioned earlier, aromatherapy is an effortless yet effective way to do so. If you're unsure where to start, we offer a fantastic range of wellness-focused essential oil blends, which are perfect for families! Be sure to check them out and get your family on the path to a healthy lifestyle today!

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